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Now accepting applications





Now accepting applications

Applications are currently open for all positions at The Rival Rochester

Amber Williams

Seiji Yamashita


The Rival Rochester is a student-run publication invested in creating content specifically geared for University of Rochester students, including Eastman and graduate students. We provide an outlet for students to discuss campus events or shout-out amazing people, the current US political atmosphere, address campus concerns such as Eastman housing, poke fun at certain things on campus such as Meridian Tries to Put Positive Spin on College Tour, or turning a personal experience into one that educates UR’s student body. We strive to bring unique and uncensored content to strike conversation within University of Rochester student body.

University of Rochester boasts about our diversity. We want to reflect this dedication at The Rival Rochester. Therefore, The Rival Rochester is for ALL University of Rochester students: Undergraduate, Take 5, Graduate, Study Abroad**, Eastman, and River Campus. It doesn’t matter what year or major, if you got an ID, you can work for us.

While previously just a writing platform for news, opinions, and satire, we’re now expanding our team to include a multi-media platform. The Rival Rochester's main goal is to provide a platform for all University of Rochester students' voices. However, in order to efficiently project students' voices, we need to expand our community. So, we’re opening our application* to all positions including a few new ones!

Here’s the low-down of each position:

Writer-Pretty much self-explanatory, but you would write about whatever you want to write about. If you’re passionate about social justice, write about social justice. If you love poking fun at things like the weird pit combos (Mozzarella sticks and BBQ sauce? Anyone? Just me?), then write humor! Want to bridge the gap between Eastman and River Campus by exploring the campuses and surrounding areas or interview musicians? Write about it. You, of course, belong to a section (campus, culture, satire, or current), but these areas are broad and you can occasionally write outside of your section. You are also required to write at least one article every other week. You work very closely with your assigned editor and strategist for all of your articles and for a personalized draft-edit-post schedule that works with both you and your editor.

Strategist-There’s two kinds of strategists at The Rival Rochester. The first is social media. You will work with editors and writers for a posting schedule to keep up with the fast-paced, short attention span, ever evolving world of college students and the world. The other kind is our slightly new/branched out strategist: outreach. You work closely with the Head of Engagement by collaborating efforts for student/professor/faculty profiles and connecting with the campuses for things such as student organization statements, campus issues that need to be addressed, and recruitment and expansion methods.

Editor-Editors are assigned to a section and a staff of writers who you will “oversee”. Meaning you ensure your writers' content is relevant, up to date, and adhere to our content regulations. You are required to keep up with deadlines and report strikes (a writer misses a deadline, no show to a meeting). You lead weekly section meetings and provide/assign article ideas when needed. You also work closely with your writers and strategists to come up with a personal draft-edit-posting schedule. You are also required to write at least an article a month.

Photographer-Ya’ll just do your thing: take awesome pictures. The Rival Rochester prides itself with relevant articles for UR students, which includes equally as relevant pictures. So, you would work closely with writers to provide pictures that fit their articles. For instance, if a writer is reporting on a campus event, tag along and snap pictures for the article so they can focus on taking notes. If you want, you can also write photo-essays!

Video Team Member-This entire idea is new. These positions vary from producers, creative content, scriptwriters, Facebook live peeps, video editors, to the actual videographer. If you love writing scripts or recording music for videos, but have no idea how to use a camera, apply! If you love making impactful videos, apply! Even if you just like running around the quad recording random people's responses to a spontaneous game of "Would You Rather", that’s cool too. Live streaming concerts, music practices, or town halls, that's amazing also! Basically, anything dealing with video, we’re looking for you.

Business Developer-The Rival Rochester is starting its second year at University of Rochester. We’re wanting to expand and grow to offer UR a new viewpoint on student media, but as with any business, we need greenbacks. If you’re proficient with securing sponsorships and budgeting, then this position is for you!

We are accepting applications for all positions and from any UR student. Join The Rival Rochester. Join The Rival Nation. Let your voice be heard. Apply now!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to The Rival Rochester Directors:
River Campus Contact-Amber Williams, Managing Editor,
Eastman Contact-Seiji Yamashita, Director of Communications,

*You must have a University of Rochester email account to access the application
**Study Abroad students are limited to the positions of Writer, Photographer, certain Video Team Members, and Outreach Strategists due to distance complicating position requirements