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GW gets a new president, too: Rival Review


George Washington University


GW gets a new president, too: Rival Review

Your roundup of GW and DC happenings


Hello time travelers reading this after coming to 2017 to stop terrible things from happening in the future, and welcome to The Rival Review. If you want to join this school of witchcraft and wizardry, we're looking to recruit our latest Rival class from now until January 15. Application is here!

Now, let's get to the news.

The University announces its next president

On January 6th The Hatchet reported that GW's six-month search for the successor to President Steven Knapp was completed, and that the board of trustees had chosen Thomas LeBlanc as the next University President. LeBlanc, previously executive vice president and provost at the University of Miami, comes from a computer science background, signaling that GW is not backing down from its shift of focus on STEM fields.

Some students and faculty expressed disappointment with the search process, as comparatively few liberal arts professors were on the search comittee and some students on Overheard hoped for a more diverse pick. LeBlanc will start his position in August 2017.

Bernie Sanders and Paul Ryan are holding CNN town halls on campus... when no one is there

GW Today announced Senator Bernie Sanders and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan are holding twin CNN town halls on campus, on January 9 and January 12, respectively. Hosted by Chris Cuomo and Jake Tapper, respectively, these town halls come at a time of immense political conflict and change, so it'd understandably a bummer that they're being held long before classes start and students return to campus. GW students can still hope for snagging a ticket to the DNC Debate HuffPo will host on campus on January 18 (I still haven't figured out how to get a ticket though, someone DM me the secrets please!!).

The protests are coming: Thousands prepare for anti-Trump events

The Presidential Inauguration, and all the mayhem that will come with it, is fast approaching on January 20. The day after, though, hundreds of thousands of women plan to march on the U.S. Capitol for the Women's March on Washington, the largest anti-Trump protest yet. Despite a gaffe by the Washington Post's Express metro paper in which they swapped the female symbol for the male one (yikes, guys), this march counts among numerous protest events Inauguration Weekend.

Along with a Peace Ball at the new National Museum of African American History and Culture, a socialist town hall event organized by Jacobin Magazine at the Lincoln Theater, and a "Thanks, Obama" vigil saying goodbye to our outgoing President, these protests and events will definitely make it an #onlyatGW weekend.

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See ya on campus soon, GW fam!